Babassu oil: rich in vitamin E and lauric acid. the elp to reduce the volume of  hair, r ePoE amino acids and lipid protective layer of cuticle.

Shea butter : it is an effective and totally natural revitalizer that provides shine, flexibility and softness to dry, weak and brittle hair, in addition to protecting them from the damage of solar radiation.

Grape seed oil: nourishes and hydrates the threads

Collagen : maintains hair elasticity, strength and flexibility

COMPLEX KAPs: associated with encapsulated cysteine, it contains 6 more amino acids of wheat and 15 amino acids of alpha-keratin, which generates essential substances for attraction between the atoms of the keratin molecules, one of the main structures of the hair, which acts to give strength and resistance to the wire.

Kaolin (clay): p has a pH very close to the skin. It is rich in aluminum and kaolinite, widely used for its moisturizing action


• Instant reconstruction of damaged hair denatured by progressive and thermal devices (hairdryer and flat iron).


– Instantly recovers severely sensitized hair;
– Nourishes and hydrates the fiber, increasing the protection power of the cuticle;
– Decreases the stiffening of the fiber caused by progressive brushes;
– Restores molecular bonds by KAPs COMPLEX technology.

Usage recommendation

– It must be used continuously on all hair that has been and has undergone progressive brushing and straightening procedures, and also on hair with excessive use of hairdryer and flat iron.


– Apply to damp hair, after chemical procedures, mainly in progressive brushing services;
– To brush your hair after the clay treatment, we recommend the use of Max Equalizer.


Content: 7,0 oz / 200 ml


Instant reconstruction mask for hair denatured by progressive and thermal devices (hairdryer and flat iron). Its high-tech formula is enriched with collagen, babassu oil, grape seed oil, shea butter, KAPS complex. Associated with cysteine ​​and clay, which help to compensate for the loss of mass and reinforce the protective power of the lipids found in the threads.