Capillary moisturizing and defrizant fluid with sunscreen and thermoprotector and finisher with sun protection. Activates and shapes curls, giving them shine and balance. It has a curl memory effect, enabling long-lasting results



• Hair with greater volume
• Eliminate frizz and give durability to the smooth brush result
• As a leave-in finisher, for straight and curly hair, keeping hair protected and hydrated
• Protect and preserve hair on the beach and pool


• Wrap the threads with a protective film against moisture
• Thermal protection that considerably eliminates aggression in the use of the dryer and board
• Untangles and provides the sealing of the cuticles, improving the slip in brushing and the board
• Used as leave-in, provides better combing, sun protection, treatment and definition of curls and anti-frizz effect
• Antioxidant action, preventing premature hair aging


The 120g tube was developed for customers who use a smaller amount – little hair and / or oily hair. or for customers who want to make a small investment. In curly hair, its formula helps in hydrating and maintaining hair.

  • Content: 120g
  • pH: 4.0


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