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Alkaline chemical processes (wicks and dyes) as well as acids (reducing brushes) promote repulsion between hair fibers, breaking important bonds, which causes loss of ideal elasticity, leaving hair elastic (in alkaline processess) or rigid (in acid processes). The result, in both cases, is hair breakage.
The S.N.A. (Nano Amino Acid System) technology, present in FIBER REGENERATION, acts inside the cortex, reaching the cuticular region, treating from the inside out and building a chain of ISOELECTRIC connections. This chain is formed by an association of amino acids and lipds, having affinity with the hair fiber, which has never been achieved before, making Fiber Regeneration the most technological hair regeneration product today.



Medium hold hair spray with long, instant and lasting fixation and easy to handle, which enables the construction and deconstruction of the style without leaving it dry and opaque. Developed with silk protein and panthenol, which repair and protect your hair, making them more resilient and healthy.

urban line

Hair.Mousse Curls 3

Active and model the curls giving them shine and swing.

urban line

Hair.paste 6

Paste to model the hair, creating special effects and enhancing strands.

urban line

Hair.paste 8

Paste to shape hair with drying effect and long lasting.

urban line

HAIR.brush defrizante

Moisturizing cream and capillary protector with sunscreen and protective term. It acts by aligning the cuticles and disentangling the hair. It facilitates the sliding of the brush and the plank.

urban line

max equalizer

Potentiator treatment, serum term protector without rinse for dry, porous and damaged hair. It adheres to open cuticles, smoothing them and filling cracks and imperfections, nourishing and restoring the inner and outer fiber. When used as a finisher, it facilitates detangling and combing, enhancing softness and shine.

thermal finishes

Argan oil

Term-active finisher that has properties that help in the reconstruction and strengthening of the hair.

thermal finishes

lumine shine

It offers an instant and exclusive treatment with the revitalization of light in faded and lifeless hair.

thermal finishes

magic ojon oil

Term-active finisher that has properties that help in the reconstruction and strengthening of the hair.

Alquimia - Impact Fluid

Thermo active Restorer

It has micro-particles that act deeply in the hair treating them from the inside out. Protects hair against thermal damage and moisture, prevents wear of the wires caused by brushing. Creates defined texture with movement, finishing and high gloss.

Alquimia - recharge force

reconstructive mask

Mask reconstructive developed especially for devitalized hair.


nutri oil

Thermo active treatment based on macadamia, argan and monoi oils from Tahiti.


kera infusion

Restructurer instant (hair restorer), composed of keratin hydrolyzed activated in the form of amino acids for faster absorption by the hair strands. Combined with special cationic agents that penetrate the hair fiber, promotes the restructuring of the hair strand.

alquimia -cmc restore

Repository Mask

Mask for replenishing lipids, has strengthened formula multi-vitamin enriched, prepared with Monoi, pracaxi, ojon and coconut oil, which revitalize the shine and suppleness of hair, regenerating the CMC (Cell Membrane Complex).


londonplex step 1

Protector of capillary fiber and soothing to the skin of the scalp. And a moisturizing and conditioning gel, formulated with amino acids , having as the main active component of the cysteine, responsible for elasticity and for maintaining the structure of the natural shape of the hair strand .


londonplex step 2

Reconstruction conditioning factor and moisturizing after chemical formulated with keratin, amino acids, collagen and seaweed.

color effects


Mask color wash with direct pigments with high affinity for the hair fiber, revitalizes and intensifies the color of the hair.

color effects

blue violet

Mask has color wash performance for correction unwanted orange tones, being an excellent technical tool for the professional hairdresser.

color effects


Mask color wash with high performance for the creation of platinum shades, being an excellent tool for the correction of yellow and golden colors. Applies in white hair, eliminates yellow, highlighting platinum tone.

color effects


Mask color wash that has direct pigments with high affinity for the hair fiber. It revitalizes, intensifies and prolongs the color of coppers nuances colored hair.

london colors


Multitude of shades, excellent fixation and durability of colors. The angstrorn technology benefits the formation of pigments, for better quality. It has sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB radiation, while maintaining the vibrant color much longer.

flash colors


Developed a variety of specific nuances to the development of different jobs.

London Colors

Color oxidant

Specially developed for use in all types of coloring processes, discoloration and wicks. It is powerful oxidizer, which allows the revelation of colors and provides excellent whitening with quickly and efficiently. It has four different volumes (10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes). OX facilitates all discoloration and staining procedures, depending on the need.

London Colors

multi oil ods

Base made with refined oils. Its balanced formula and the exclusive Multi ODS Oil (Oil Delivery System) provides an emollient blend and excellent adherence on the hair when mixed with colorings. This unique technology brings unparalleled cosmeticity and a variety of benefits. It is presented in five volumes: 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes.


bleaching powder

Strong hair bleaching, uniform and progressive, to be used in all techniques of highlights, reflections, ballayages, stripping and hair bleaching. It enables a more efficient and safe work.


perfect blonde powder

  • Minor damage to hair – Formulated with Keratin, Collagen, and Macadamia
  • High Yield – Better cost-benefit
  • Ultra-Fast whitening
  • Whitening up to10 tones
  • The perfect revelation of color
  • Uniform bleaching
  • Provides greater adhesion of paper to hair
  • Fragrance pleasant-Dust free


Colors premium

  • Minor damage to hair – Formulated with Keratin, Collagen, and Aloe Vera;
  • Ultra-Fast whitening;
  • Whitening up to 9 tones;
  • Puff technology control-Contro swelling;
  • High Yield – Better cost benefit;
  • Uniform whitening with perfect color revelation;
  • Fragrance pleasant-Dust Free;
  • Perfect greater adhesion of paper to hair;
  • Firm texture, providing a powerful alloy.


flash blonde shampoo

Take off the yellow with high power of specific treatment for blond hair that have undergone discoloration processes, highlights and coloring containing active antioxidants that regenerate the integrity of the hair strand.


flash blonde Mask

Containing active antioxidants that regenerate the integrity of the hair strands. Making hair smoothness and suppleness


smooth argan shampoo

Extremely moisturizing and conditioning, gently cleanses the hair leaving a soft, silky touch, facilitating detangling.


smooth argan mask

Extremely condition with power actuation replace lipid, leaving the hair with a soft, silky touch, facilitating detangling.


keep color shampoo

Moisturizes, protects, restores and increases the durability of color.


keep color mask

Moisturizes, protects, restores and increases the durability of color.


straight shampoo

Gently cleanses and acts to control oiliness of the scalp preserving the quality of the hair strands.


straight mask

Moisturizes and reconstructs without weighing the hair.


Argila Reconstrution

Instant reconstruction mask for over-processed hair that is severely damaged by excessive chemicals. Its high-tech formula, COMPLEX KAPs, combined with cysteine, collagen, babassu oil and clay, helps compensate the loss of KAPS *.
* Essential substances for attraction between atoms of molecules that form keratin, one of the main hair fibers that act to give strength and resistance to the hair follicle.


Shampoo Balancer

No salt, parabens and dyes. Gently cleans the strands and scalp, preserving the integrity of the hair and leaving them light, loose and shiny. Formulated with 12 legendary oils that confer Nutri-lipid repair and flexibility without weighing the hair down, as well as giving back softness, luminosity and shine to the hair.


Balancer Conditioner

Promotes extra hydration, realigns the cuticles and facilitates the detangling and combing, leaving the strands soft and full of vitality. Returns the natural moisture of the hair, leaving it more exuberant and in good condition.

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